I would like to extend my thanks to the following people.

Retired General John Larsson for his continued help and support in all aspects of this website

Capt Steven Yoder, former Secretary To General Larsson

Retired General John Gowans, for all his help via e-mail and giving permission to quote from his book and other sources.

Rene Kaser

A very big thankyou to Rene Kaser for very kindly sending copies of his vast collection of musicals CD's

Melvyn Hamilton for very kindly coping his audio versions of Take-Over Bid, Hosea, & Man Mark II

Scott Bedio

I would also like to thank Scott Bedio from The Salvation Army, National Headquarters, Archives & Research Center in the USA for digging out proofs from the premiere of Man Mark II & also providing extensive info on Son Of Man!

Myself pictured with Gordon Taylor.

I would like to extend my thanks to Gordon Taylor & the staff at the International Heritage Centre in London for their help. Their website can be reached via the link below

The Salvation Army International Heritage Centre

I would also like to salute the Late Commissioner Denis Hunter for fruitful and informative conversations of his first hand knowledge during various telephone calls
And for bringing John Gowans & John Larsson together in the first place!!!