The Meeting was the last of the musicals to be written.

It premiered during on Friday 29 June 1990 during the International Congress at Wembley Grand Hall at 7pm. in London.

General Gowans recalls

The Meeting! was commissioned for the 1990 International Congress at Wembley and presented by a team from Nottingham led by the incomparable Major John Mott. John has had long experience of musical production and lie did well. It is not an easy work and it suffers a little from lack of revision. One or two of its songs are among our best I think. Will this prove to be our last work of the kind? Possibly. The musical is still a marvellously painless way of getting a message across, and I would he sorry if the Army abandoned it. It is a source of real disappointment to me that few of the younger writers among us write musicals. The script and the lyrics would have to be written in quite a different style from our own, of course. Thousands of people around the world have found Christ or discovered their vocation through the musicals. The theatre is neutral ground. and we who are focused on mission should occupy as much of it as we can.

Songs in this musical include:

The Meeting

Jesus Our Lord

It Made All The Difference

I Want To Say Yes

There's Someone Who Knows

Make A Joyful Noise

In Dedicating This Child To God

I Can't Help But Love Him

Committed To Fight

The Children Came

Since I Met With Jesus

He Calls Himself A Teacher

Simon's Song

When You Take A Little Child

Zacchacus's Song

You Simply Spoke My Name

Do You Love Me
With Christ Into The Future

The Meeting 2

Selected images taken from a video recorded during a Salvation Army Officer's Commissioning Day in 1991, location unknown

The original advert from the congress brochure for the musical.

"I Want To Say Yes" was also published in The Musical Salvationist Oct 1991, Vol 105-P4

Some pictures from the event:

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