The musical "Spirit" was first presented in Regent Hall Salvation Army in London on 23rd July 1973 and receiving a full presentation on 2nd September 1974 in Glasgow

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Quote from "There's A Boy Here"

The musical Spirit! was produced by the house parties and presented in reduced form - first at Regent Hall in July 1973 and then at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow in September 1974. Twice the house party removed lock, stock and barrel to Scotland. We were happy to do it to accommodate John L. who was the Territorial Youth Secretary for Scotland. I was then the National Stewardship Secretary in London, and the attendance of 'The Two Johns' at the annual councils for departmental heads and divisional commanders lowered the average age of that company considerably, if not to everybody's delight. For some it was a case of 'bringing on the corps cadets too soon! The Founder, confronted with a young leader, complained whimsically of his youth. 'Never mind,' he said. 'You'll grow out of it!' We certainly did!

The Spirit! presentation in Scotland was part of that territory's annual congress, led by the Chief of the Staff and Mrs. Commissioner Carr They both spoke brilliantly, but what I remember is the singing of the old doxology:

Praise God, I'm saved!
Praise God, I'm saved!
All's well, all's well.
He sets me free!

We sang it at least three times - with the actions of course. It was at this point that Arthur Carr sidled up to me and whispered in my ear in what I thought to be rather menacing tones, 'We shall want another one, John.' I didn't know if the Chief was referring to the doxology or not! He proceeded to enlighten me. It will be the International Congress at Wembley in 1978. We shall want another musical.' 'Ihen he added, apologetically, 'It will have to be a very Army one.'

Songs in the musical include:


You've Got To Stay

Ask, Seek, Knock

Burning, Burning

In Me

Universal Language*

Time To Share

For Jesus Sake

Father, Heavenly Father

You Can't Make A Fool Of God

The Fruit Of The Spirit

Gone, Did You Say*

We Will Listen To The Spirit

Be Careful What You Do*

For The Mighty Moving Of Thy Spirit

That's How It Was

If The Spirit Says Go

The Spirit Of The Lord Fell On Stephen

To Be Like Jesus

He Has The Grace*

Here Is A Man & Damascus

The Shadows Close Round Me

That's The Spirit

I Can See A Future

Love Cannot Fail

What Does The Spirit Say To The Churches

Tracks marked * indicate song taken from live performance

The above images are still video captures taken from a personal video recording of the musical as performed at Southend Salvation Army, November 2003

John Gowans pictured on the right with cast members from the musical, time & place unknown.

A band pic during the premiere presentation in Buenos Aires, South America East Nov/Dec 1977

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