Man Mark II

This musical premiered at the Second International Youth Congress, Macomb, Illinois, USA, Sunday, 21 July 1985.

I am indebted to General Gowans for providing me with the following details

The musical 'Man Mark II' is based more or less upon a verse from the Psalms. Psalm 20 verse 7. "Some trust in chariots and some trust in horses but we will remember the name of The Lord our God" The Musical was written at a time when I was especially worried about The Army because it was tending to trust in 'chariots and horses' instead of God. We were in danger of relying upon organisation, good administration, money, popularity, good publicity, education, friends in high places etc... .instead of preminently trusting the providence and guidance of God.

I suppose we are still tending to lean upon these modern-day 'chariots and horses' and to that extent the message of the musical is still appropriate. The musical imagines what would happen if The Army lost its 'chariots and horses'? It could happen. A continuing economic recession in the world for example could shake The Army. An unpopular position upon moral matters might lose us many friends. Political leaders might arise who have no time for The Salvation Army and make many of our social programmes impossible to maintain.

The Army will survive alright and maintain its usefulness if enough Salvationists have learned to trust first of all in The Lord. I was anxious that the message was especially clear to the young Salvationists and it seemed to me to be an appropriate theme for an International Youth Congress.

Man Mark II:

1. The new humanity

2. A New Race Shall Arise

3. Everybody's Servant

4. They Need Christ - 1

5. The Modern Way

6. If Crosses Come

6. If Crosses Come

7. We Must Love One Another

8. They Need Christ - 2

9. We Call You Master

10. He Has Chosen Me

above photos taken from a video recorded at the premiere

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"They Need Christ" was also published in The Musical Salvationist Oct 1988, Vol 102-P4

"If Crosses Come" was also published in The Musical Salvationist Jan 1988, Vol 102-P1

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