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We were invited by a group of Australian Christians to write a short musical for them, with the request that the Salvation Army content should be minimal. It was to be a musical for presentation by and for children. We were glad to respond positively, hut the result was a work the group felt was too ambitious for them, so it seemed we had wasted our time. Fortunately, the British Territory was planning to hold a National Congress in the 10,000-seater Wembley Pool in July 1972 and suggested that a new musical might be our contribution to the event. We took the work too ambitious for Australia, altered arid enlarged it. The result was Jesus Folk. Such characters as Mr Rat and Dodo give the game away. They were meant for children. By contrast, the new work contained a sequence on the crucifixion, which proved to be immensely powerful. The patchwork job was nevertheless effective and popular and had the advantage that slices of it could be presented independently by companies for whom the major work might be too demanding.

The highlight of the first presentation was the moment when a resurrected Christ walked down the long aisle of Wembley Pool through a crowded and stunned audience, calling back to the Jesus Folk abandoned on the stage: 'Goodbye. . . and remember.. . I'm with you always.' Their discovery that an invisible Jesus was still around and a very present help in time of trouble made a Stimulating finale to the show.

Above quote from "There's A Boy Here"

Songs included in this musical are:

Intro and Jesus Folk
The Trouble With Me
It's True
Dead As The Dodo
I Don't Remember
I Am The Resurrection
Out Of My Darkness
He Came To Give Us Life
Show Us The Father
Is There Anyone Here With An Answer/Lord, Let Me Go Where You Go
The Exorcism
Rock Spiritual
He Speaks
I'm A Rat
Must I Just Stay The Way I Am
Follow Me
Lord, Is It Me
The Denial
The Crucifixion
You Know I Love You
There's No Other Name