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A Miracle


A New Direction

Burning Burning

Blood Of The Lamb

Call Of The Gospel

Down The Street

Fire Divine



Glory Be!

Gowans & Larsson Celebration

Gowans & Larsson Overture


Here They Come!

His Love Remains The Same


Hosea II

Hosea III

I'll Not Turn Back

I'll Not Turn Back II

It's New

Jesus Folk

Kilmarnock Temple

Love Cannot Fail

Love Cannot Fail II


More To Learn

Mountain Crags

Music Maker

Salvation Army South Africa 120

Someone Cares

Spirit Of Endeavour


Take Over Bid

Temple 125

Thank You

The Fruits Of The Spirit

The Meeting

The Sound Of The Gospel

The Spirit

They Need Christ

They Need Christ II

They Shall Come From The East

They Shall Come From The East II

This I Know

To A God Like This

To Boldly Go

Troops Salute

We Need Christ

Whatever It May Cost

When I Remember

When The Glory Gets Into Your Soul

With Heart And Hand

Wonders Begin When The Lord Comes In

You Can't Stop God